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  • Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos

A response to 'Leave Means Leave': Immigration policy must be based on evidence, not hyped-u

BiE is releasing today a research brief that provides a response to 'Immigration post Brexit' report pubished by 'Leave Means Leave' on 8 April 2017.

Britain in Europe stresses the need to steer away from excessive post-Brexit policy responses to immigration demanded of Government by hardliners within the Conservative party and press.

The ‘Immigration Post Brexit’ report authored by Stephen Woolfe MEP on behalf of the hardline pro-Brexit group ‘Leave Means Leave’, which was backed up by more than 20 Conservative MPs, provides a striking example of policy proposals grounded on fear-mongering and scapegoating of immigrant communities, not evidence-based analysis suggesting an economically-viable and socially cohesive way forward for the country.

As the UK is heading into a general election that will define the shape of Brexit and determine the future of the country, the Britain in Europe think tank highlights the need for the adoption of reasonable immigration policies that are based on evidence about current economic reality and the future well-being of the country, not hyped-up rhetoric and unfounded, mythical claims which see EU immigration as ‘the source of all evil’ in modern Britain.

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