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Martha Spurrier: Government intent on weakening minorities' human rights protection

Successive governments have conducted a ‘very effective spin project’ to imply human rights protection is just for terrorists and sex offenders, Director of Liberty Martha Spurrier said as she launched Brunel University London’s new human rights awareness programme, 'Knowing our Rights'.

In a video interview with Brunel Law School’s Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, published today (Wednesday 22 March), Spurrier argues that by committing to repeal the Human Rights Act, the Prime Minister is intent on creating a “two-tier human rights system”, where British-born citizens are provided a better standard of protection than foreign-born citizens.

And in a speech to Brunel students and staff earlier this month the barrister, campaigner, and NGO director also emphasised that a replacement British Bill of Rights will dilute protection for everyone, stating that anyone who believes otherwise is “very, very, naïve”.

For more information see the article published in the Solicitors Journal.

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