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  • Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos

Reaching undecided will drive EU referendum campaign, says BiE's Justin Fisher

Mobilising undecided voters will be vital during the European Union referendum campaign, Professor Justin Fisher told a BBC Radio 4 audience on the station’s Westminster Hour programme (listen to full interview by clicking on the image below, starting at 38 min).

Prof Fisher, a BiE member and Head of Politics, History and the Brunel Law School at Brunel University London, added that social media would continue to be a useful tool in determining which voters to target. He said:

'The parties all have canvass records and details of which issues people find most important. The problem is that most people don’t think the EU is particularly important. It never registers in the top 10.'

He noted that ‘leave’ support was likely to be concentrated in areas where voters are less well-educated, where there is higher unemployment, and where there is a popular Eurosceptic MP.

Cities including London, on the other hand, are more fertile ground for the ‘remain’ campaign.

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